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by | Jul 4, 2023 | Blog

When I started Secret Coach Club back in 2017, it was only available as an ink and paper product, and remained that way until this spring.

And for those six or so years, I sometimes came across a coach who wanted to join, but only if they could get all of the back issues since they thought they missed too much and were starting late.

There wasn’t much I could do about that, unless they wanted to purchase the back issues during a promotion, but I mixed things up a few months back.

Secret Coach Club became a digital newsletter, and all past issues were added to the “Vault”, so new subscribers can now instantly access all 76 back issues (plus bonus reports, expert interviews, etc).

These 76 months of content are worth $7372 (since people paid $97 for each month), and you get that as a bonus when you join Secret Coach Club!

The July issue is now available, and it’s a “Marc’s Mailbag” one where I answer a bunch of important questions from coaches, plus you get an exclusive interview that I did with Andrew O’Brien from PressNation around generating more PR, and an invite to July’s “Club Call” which is happening next Monday.

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