(Podcast) Embracing Your Zone of Genius, with Pam Meister!

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Blog

I had Pam Meister on the Natural Born Coaches podcast today, and she shared what happens when entrepreneurs embrace their “zone of genius”!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Pam went from offering all types of services to a focused consulting firm based on her own zone of genius
  • A look at the way Pam built The Zone Community when she realized her clients loved the strategy sessions, but struggled to do the focused work
  • How The Zone promotes an accountability standard in a laid-back online community environment
  • The importance of focusing on what you do best, and then automating, delegating and eliminating the rest
  • How you can use the thoughts and opinions of those closest to you to help you begin to identify your zone of genius …

Here’s the link to give it a listen:


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