Another “Marc’s Mailbag” answering important questions!

by | Jul 2, 2023 | Blog

July’s issue of Secret Coach Club is now available, and I’m doing another “Marc’s Mailbag” (my 3rd one) where I answer some great questions, including:

-“What do you wish you knew when you started your coaching business?”

-“What’s more important, a bigger audience or better sales skills?”

-“You have 30 days to make $10,000. No connections, no audience, no money. What’s your action plan?”

-“How can I get a good mentor?”

“A beginner online coach here. How can I get more clients online?”

-“I’m getting close to opening my coaching business and I’m looking for clients, but my imposter syndrome is in overdrive and somehow I can’t seem to coach myself on this. Any advice to push me through this?”

  • “What do you look for when hiring a coach?”

-“What’s your favorite lead magnet format?”

-“Why do you think many coaches don’t leverage email marketing properly?”

  • “Do you have a nurture list for your email? If so, what does it look like?”

-“Can you grow your email list without social media???”

-“Ethical conundrum: you’re feeling under the weather with COVID-like symptoms. You know you’re not firing on all cylinders but are just about getting through. Do you cancel your client calls even if you know it’s going to cause them disruption and have knock-on consequences for other clients over the coming days?”

-“If you could interview one influential person on your podcast, who would it be and why?”

-“Would you rather have 5 years of your life back or an extra $5 million in your bank account now?”

-“What’s the #1 book you would give to a high school graduate?”

-“What business advice would you give your younger self?”

-“If you could do one thing for the rest of your life (different than what you are doing now) what would it be?”

Whew, there’s a lof of valuable stuff inside AND if you subscribe now you get immediate access to all 76 back issues, bonus reports and interviews in the “vault” too!

Here’s the link:

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