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Treating business like a video game

I recently watched a fun action film called "Boss Level" It's about a guy who's stuck in a time loop where he spends the same day getting hunted by various assassins who are trying to kill him. And every time he dies, he wakes up and starts the day over again. It's...

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(New Video) My Thoughts on Community-Building

I just released a new video on my YouTube channel where I share my thoughts on community-building, including a few of the big things I've done to get my community to almost 25,000 members. Give it a watch here: (If you could "subscribe" to...

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(Podcast) Embracing Your Zone of Genius, with Pam Meister!

I had Pam Meister on the Natural Born Coaches podcast today, and she shared what happens when entrepreneurs embrace their "zone of genius"! In this episode you'll hear: How Pam went from offering all types of services to a focused consulting firm based on her own zone...

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Another “Marc’s Mailbag” answering important questions!

July's issue of Secret Coach Club is now available, and I'm doing another "Marc's Mailbag" (my 3rd one) where I answer some great questions, including: -“What do you wish you knew when you started your coaching business?” -"What’s more important, a bigger audience or...

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Lessons from Doc Halladay

In honour of Canada Day, let’s talk about the best pitcher to ever wear a Toronto Blue Jays jersey: Roy “Doc” Halladay. Halladay had a long list of achievements in his baseball career, including winning the CY Young Award in both the American and National Leagues,...

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The cure for the summertime blues

Last week was the official start of summer here in North America, and it got me thinking about something: Summer likes to play head games with coaches, and all entrepreneurs … Some potential clients go MIA, posting pics of their trips to the cottage and the beach, and...

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The importance of a good fit

My "Super Partner" joint venture package has just become available, and there's one important piece of criteria that I have when choosing the partner for it: "Fit before fee"! Fit is very important to me, since I'll be partnering with this person for over 365 straight...

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The urinal fly and goal-setting

Humans perform better when they have targets to aim for. For example, the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport used to have a problem with the cleaning expenses for the men’s washrooms. Men were having trouble aiming for the urinals, and it took a lot of time for the cleaners...

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